Starter Specials

What to do with the kids during school Breaks? Holiday Day Camp will run from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. Lone Mountain Members can attend for $25 a day or $100 for a week. Non-members can come too! $30 per day or $150 for the week per person. Sign up one week in advance.

After School SAFE KEY escorts kids from their academic school to our school and connects them to positive activity until you can retrieve them after your work. Help your kids achieve success by supporting positive after school activities.

What does regular training cost? Full membership is $123 per month for training 5 days a week. Special events frequently extend that to Saturdays also. There is no limit on the time attended each day and no long term contracts. Your prices as a member will not go up for al long as you remain an active student a Lone Mountain Taekwondo, regardless of the price for new enrollment. Classes are offered each weekday for each age group and each rank 5 days a week.

Parents empower your kids. Join together! Workout together. Family Discounts. You are welcome to come experience a class or watch anytime we are open Monday through Friday 4-9pm and Saturdays for special events. Discipline learned in martial arts classes helps to increase the success in home and school habits. 80% of our students graduate from high school with high honor status in academic school.

Special Offer!

Starter Special

1 Month of Classes

New students only.

Lone Mountain Taekwondo
4324 N Decatur
Las Vegas, NV 89130
702 645 1555

Special Offer!
Adult limited membership -  $50 a month allows unlimited beginner classes for one month or 5 free classes if you come only once a week. that is 20 classes if you came every day of the month. This is a renewable card. If you've graduated from high school and over 18, you can train for $50 a month. You must sign up while the special is in effect.

Come in now!
  • Would you like to give your kids better discipline, respect, self control? The ability to interpret what they see and hear and make smart choices
  • Are you willing to work to get these strengths instilled in your kids?
  • NOW is the time to invest in a program where you and your kids challenge each other to increase your physical stamina, mental strength, moral determination.
  • By signing up for a martial arts class TOGETHER you commit yourselves to self improvement, mutual support. You have an opportunity to advance yourself and each other as a team. Watch your kids grow in strength and mental focus. Watch them learn how to protect themselves, Help them commit to success and make wise choices. It creates caring, self disciplined confident family members. PRICELESS! Try it out!
  • Family memberships save money.
  • Varied Class schedules for different ages.
  • Call Now to enroll-- 645-1555